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Bathroom Trends Alert

November 1, 2021

If you’re looking to do some style upgrades to your home this year, your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms, so you can make the biggest difference with some simple changes! Check out some of these gorgeous bathroom trends that will change the tone of your powder room.


Pop of Wallpaper

When exploring trends this year, one thing is clear: adding a pop of color to your bathroom can bring life to it. Adding a simple peel-and-stick wallpaper to one wall is perfect for a fast style change, and it’s easy to remove and replace every few years (no commitment needed).

Add some color with hardware

Not into the bright wallpaper vibes? Add a splash of unique color by updating your hardware! Rose gold and bronze faucets and lights are the perfect simple way to add charm and character to your bathroom.

Mix and match tiles

Mix & Match Patterns

Another fun idea for your walls that’s a bit more permanent is to add tiles. Mixing tile patterns is a great way to add some long-lasting character. This black and white look is a classic style that can be done in so many different ways and will stay in style for years to come. Tie it all together with a white tub, black hardware, and a splash of organic wood.

Maximize Small Spaces

Large luxurious bathrooms may sound dreamy, but just that—a dream. We found some tips to maximize your small bathroom and still make it beautiful.

First, choose a sink without a vanity. Placing a tall, skinny sink will give you more room and give the appearance of being big without being so bulky.

Next, use the flooring to create an optical illusion making more space. Using smaller tiles will make the room feel larger and using mix-matched colors will increase the effect even further.

The final bonus trend is to add greenery wherever possible. This won’t make your room look or feel bigger, but look at how fresh, clean, and inviting that bathroom looks!

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