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Color Design Trends: 2023

January 5, 2023

2023 is here and the future is bright (and a little moody and filled with patterns). If you are looking to change up your home this year, stay tuned! Our kitchen and bath designers have the inside scoop on trend predictions for 2023. Friendly reminder—just because something is in style doesn’t mean it needs a place in your home. Be sure to design spaces that make sense for you and will bring you joy—you have to see it everyday afterall.

Trend #1 Moody & Monochrome

dark moody monochrome living room

While looking at colors for the upcoming year one thing is clear: complete white and gray rooms are fading and bold moody colors are taking center stage. We’re loving seeing the deep greens, royal purples, and dramatic blues. If your taste fits, add a gothic feel in key areas of your home to give a dramatic flare.

A great example of this is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2023: Raspberry Blush. A beautiful rich and saturated red that will leave your home feeling cozy and sassy all at the same time. Stop by Godwin Hardware to find just the right color for your mood and style today.

raspberry blush colored walls in a dining room
Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore

Not ready for a full moody makeover? Try mixing a deep color while keeping white cabinets or walls. This can give you the grounding feeling from the bold color without needing to give up the white space you have come to know and love.

dark blue cabinets in a open space kitchen

Trend #2 Inspirations From Nature

natural inspired living room with accents of wood and earth tones

Another trend that is here to stay in 2023 is bringing the outdoors inside. Besides simply adding greenery and wood accents we’re seeing a lot of color inspired by earth tones—sandy beige, softer greens, and blues that make rooms feel breathable (to contrast those bold and moody rooms we talked about above).

paint color swatches from Benjamin Moore all different shades of green
Trending green colors from Benjamin Moore

Outside of just color, we’re seeing homes that are brining in more renewal materials like wool, cork, bamboo, and oak (yes, the same oak you may have painted white in the last 10 years). Another great way to nod to nature in your home design is to incorporate organic shapes and curves and choose furniture with live edges, rather than polished perfectly square cornered furniture.

Trend #3 Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!

art deco styled space with dark green patterned wallpaper

Now, you might not consider art deco a color trend, persay, but it’s worth including in this list! Everywhere we look in 2023 trend predictions we are seeing rooms with solid colors and then when you take a second glace you notice there is a slight pattern on the wall behind the couch or you walk into the powder room and you are greeted with a botanical inspired wallpaper. Adding this type of texture can bring a room from “nice” to “wow”. Does wallpaper give you memories of scraping and spraying? Fear not, 21st century wallpaper sticks on easily and peels off without all of those tools of our forefathers.

anthropology wallpaper green nature themed with florals and animals
gray and white wallpaper designed with waves

Ready to revamp your kitchen or bath? Schedule an appointment with our design center team. We have designers who are ready to make your dreams a reality.

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