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The Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin and Hair

March 4, 2022

We use water to cook, drink, and clean our homes and ourselves. Having safe, clean water is vital, and it’s also important to know if you have hard or soft water. The term hard water is used to describe water high in dissolved minerals (mostly calcium and magnesium). On the other hand, soft water has a higher concentration of sodium. Every region has slightly different kinds of water, depending on where it is sourced from and how it is treated before it gets to your home.

Although hard water is not harmful to your health, it can take a toll on your hair and skin. If you have been dealing with skin issues ever since moving into your new home, it might be time to test the water. So, what are some of the biggest effects of hard water on your body?

Dry Skin

When washing in the bath or shower with hard water, the high concentration of minerals combine with your soap, shampoo, and even shaving cream to create soap scum. Hard water leaves minerals behind, which start to absorb a lot of the moisture and oils naturally found in your skin. These minerals can block pores and cause your skin to dry up and become irritated. This can make your skin dry and even throw off your pH balance, which can increase acne.

Irritated Scalp and Dandruff

For the same reason your skin dries up, hard water can cause your scalp to dry up significantly. Dry scalp causes itching, sensitivity, and dandruff. Hard water also affects your hair. The minerals in the water react with the soap and shampoo and can create a film on your hair, which prevents moisture from entering. This is why some folks with hard water complain of dry, tangly, and even faded hair color.

Next Steps

So, what’s the best way to deal with these hard water side effects? The first step is to get your water tested. Godwin Water Treatment offers free water testing so you know where your water falls on the hard water scale. From there, get a free consultation to determine what products are best for your needs from whole-house water filtration systems to water softeners or reverse osmosis faucets.

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