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How to Recycle Household Filters

April 7, 2022

Each time you replace a filter and toss it in the garbage, it’s fair to wonder, “is this recyclable?”

The answer is, probably—but not in your standard recycling bin.

Each type of filter will carry different instructions and may have a different path to the appropriate recycling facility, so you’ll need to do some research, but in general, the best place to start is by researching the manufacturer or contacting your local service provider.

For instance…

  • Furnace Filters: Contact your regular HVAC service provider and see if they accept bundles of old filters for recycling. There may also be mail-in recycling services depending on the unit and the material it is made from.
  • Water Filters: Research the manufacturer’s guidelines. Many accept filter shipments of a certain weight, with different requirements to conform to.
  • Automotive and All Other Filters: Research the manufacturer’s guidelines and see what your options are!

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