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Improve the Exterior of Your Home in One Weekend

April 21, 2022

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or you just want your home’s exterior to match its manicured interior, improving the curb appeal of your home can be a fun and easy Saturday project for the whole family to tackle.

For your kiddos under 12:

Put your kiddos to work this weekend! Playing in the dirt and getting their hands dirty is good for them. Here’s some examples of how they can help:

Pulling Weeds

Well-maintained flower beds can improve the look of a front yard instantly. Give your child a bucket and instruct them what plants are weeds that need to go and which plants are flowers that need to stay. From there, they can be left on their own to comb for weeds. Is your child a little older? Give them a small clippers and have them dead-head flowers to give plants a new life.

Raking wood chips

Have wood chips in your flower beds? Most likely they have found a way to scatter themselves amongst your yard. Give your child a rake and instruct them to move the wood chips back towards your beds. Laying a fresh coat? After you pour out the bag, have your kiddo rake the new wood chips around into an even layer.

For the Teens

Paint Your front door

A bright, new coat of paint on your front door can make a world of difference for the exterior of your home. Have a teen who knows how to wield a paint roller? Remove your front door from it hinges and help them prepare it for a new paint job. They may need some help laying the first coat of paint down evenly, but in no-time they will be a master painter! We have all of the paint brushes, rollers, and other supplies including the paint in our Hardware Store.


Wash the Siding

Thought you needed a power washer to give your siding the proper cleaning it needs? Unless you are planning to paint the entire exterior (tips on that coming to the blog soon), look no further than your garden hose and a bucket of soapy water to get the job done! Power washers can dislodge caulk from around your windows and get water underneath siding where it could mold. Set your teen up with the hose and a sprayer head on its highest setting and they should be good to go! For harder to clean areas that are close to the ground, tell them to use a sponge, soapy water, and a little elbow grease. 

For the Adults

Update your Porch

Unlike other projects that you can hand over to your loved ones, some things you just have to do yourself – like choosing new decor or furniture (we have some great benches and rockers here) for your porch! Pick out a seasonal wreath to hang on your newly-painted door. Put out a doormat that shows off your personality. Add a potted plant. Making the space feel like you is what will make it shine!


Replacing your Hardware and Mailbox

New house numbers and a mailbox that’s never been hit by a rogue snowplow can up your curb appeal instantly! Shop many styles online here. House numbers are another low-cost option that makes a big difference for your front exterior. 

Need the supplies to tackle any of these projects? Stop into Godwin Hardware! Our team can help you pick out the items you need so every member of your household can do their jobs with pride.


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