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Removing Chlorine from your Drinking Water… or your Home’s Entire Water Supply!

August 10, 2022

Here in the United States tap water is almost always safe to drink as-is, and is vastly cheaper than bottled water.

Still, filtering your drinking water is a good idea! By running your regular tap water through a water filter you can generate water that is objectively purer (and has far less plastic exposure) than bottled water, removing virtually all the chlorine for better taste as well as cleaner pots and pans.

So, what are your options for home water filtration systems?

Pitcher / Dispenser Filters

The smallest option on our list, pitcher or dispenser systems are simply filters in water containers. You fill them up at the faucet, they filter the water, and you pour it out. It’s a good solution if you just want clean drinking water at each meal, but not suitable for bigger jobs like purifying your cooking water.

Faucet Filters

Faucet filters are a more direct solution. Instead of mounting the filter in a container like a countertop tank or specialized water pitcher, the filter is located directly on the faucet. Just adjust the unit and you’ll get a stream of clean water, ready to use.

However, because of the filtration action, the filtered water stream will be quite a bit slower and lower pressure than your regular faucet water. Keep in mind that many modern refrigerator designs also have water filtration systems and water dispensers built in, in case it’s time for you to upgrade.

Whole House Filter Systems

Whole house water filtration systems are nothing new, as homes on well water have been using filtration and treatment systems for many decades. But lately lightweight water filtration systems are becoming much more popular for homes on city water as well, as they give homeowners a chance to purify all the water coming into their home in a very affordable, low-maintenance package.

There are several different styles or methods available, but in general the filter system is located at the water source for the house, so that all the water flowing into washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs, and pots is clean and filtered.

Not sure what water filter options are best for you? Need replacement filters at a great price? We’ve got you covered! Visit your local West Michigan Godwin store for expert assistance and high quality water filtration solutions today.

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