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Steps to Sprucing Up Your Home This Fall

October 6, 2022

We all know fall is filled with pumpkin picking and raking leaves (and hopefully playing a little in the leaf piles), but there are a few other things you should put on the honey-do list to tackle this fall. We're talking some good old-fashioned fall cleaning, folks!

Power-wash your house.

Grab your pressure washer and give your house a good bath before the temps drop too low. Washing away all of that spring and summer dirt will give your house a fresh look when you pull out the fall decor.

Paint your front door.

While you’re admiring your freshly washed home, take a look at your front door. Now could be the perfect time to touch up the paint (or pick a whole new color — the options are endless!). Fall and spring are great times to paint your door since the temps have leveled out and you can bear having your door off the hinges for a few hours. 

Plant grass seed.

Now it’s time to take care of your lawn. Fall is the perfect time to plant fresh grass seed and to fertilize your yard. If you have any weak patches or want to give it a good feed before winter, now is the time! This season brings cooler days while the soil is still warm, creating the perfect combination for planting grass seed. 

Clean your gutters.

Lastly (because we know it’s the least fun) is cleaning out those gutters. They collect so much muck over the spring and summer seasons, you’ll thank yourself next spring when they are easier to clear out. Grab a pair of working gloves, turn on some tunes, and get to work. Once it’s all done, give yourself a reward after all of the hard work you put into your home!

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