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Summer Interior Design

June 24, 2021

Want to spruce up your space for summer? We have the interior design trends that you need to know for 2021!

Bring the Outside Indoors

Plants are becoming a major part of home decor. Need something to tend to? Try real ones! Succulents are a great starter plant for those who forget to water. Mastered them already? A monstera is a great second step: they love to be out of direct sunlight and only need to be watered once every two weeks. Not sure that you’ll remember to check on your plant friends? Opt for faux plants — they can look just as good as real ones!

Blue, Blue and more Blue!

Whether cerulean, teal, or sky, blue is the color of the summer. Reminiscent of the water you are sure to be swimming in, blue goes well with most other colors you already may be using to decorate. Combinations of white and cerulean subtly reference Santorini, Greece for a vacation in your own home!

Show off your Space with a Statement

Already have a neutral color palette? Try adding pops of color with fun accessories! Jewel-toned colors make excellent accent chairs and pillows in a living room or bedroom. Stop by the farmer’s market in your town and pick up some fruit to leave in a bowl in your kitchen for a splash of color. Small pops can make a big difference!

Become a Maximalist

If minimalism isn’t your thing, try being a maximalist! Unpack your boxes of trinkets that you’ve collected from vacations, look through family antiques, and stop by your local thrift stores to pick up unique finds to pack your shelves and mantle spaces. Books also act as a ‘maximizer’: try removing the book jackets and categorizing by color to create a rainbow aesthetic.

Last but not least: Wallpaper!

We know, we know: you thought wallpaper was best left in the 1980’s. We disagree! With plenty of new patterns and many coming in easy, peel-and-stick application styles, wallpaper has made a return to the mainstream! Afraid to use it on an entire room? Try doing an accent wall in your living, dining, or bedroom. Wallpaper is a lower-commitment project than painting and will update your space for the better.

Have you tried any of these trends in your home? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @GodwinPlumbing to show off your space!


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