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Tips To Lowering Your AC Costs

May 26, 2022

In Michigan, we know that summers wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the humidity. The humidity is manageable when you are at the beach, sitting in the shade, or on a bike ride, but you shouldn’t have to worry about humidity in your own home.

Here are five ways to lower energy costs while also helping with the humidity in your home.

Tip #1 Upgrade your windows (or at least reseal)

We know updating your windows is a big deal, but this is our number one tip for a reason. Old leaky windows can let in so much heat and humidity — not only making it uncomfortable for you but also for your wallet. Studies have shown that replacing single-pane windows can save $101–583 a year on your energy bill! Can’t afford to update to newer energy-efficient windows? Make sure your current windows are sealed properly. This is as simple as caulking and replacing weatherstripping.

Tip #2 Spring for the tune-up

Just like any appliance, your furnace and air conditioning units need the occasional tune ups. Tune-Ups keep your heating and cooling systems working at optimal performance. Tune-ups begin with a thorough inspection of the heating system, testing of all its subsystems, cleaning draining and tubing, and more – all in 90 minutes or less. Then we will make recommendations if repairs are needed. Give us a call at (616) 243-3131 to schedule your tune-up today!

Tip #3 Replace your filters, even in the summer

Changing the filter in your HVAC system can be another easy hack to save you money all year long! It is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency that you change these filters every month during heavy use months (winter and summer) and every 3 months at minimum. By replacing your filters regularly you will get the most out of your system and boost your efficiency. While you’re at it, don’t forget to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Tip #4 Set up a smart thermostat

If you don’t have a smart home, the best place to start is with your thermostat. There are many different brands and styles, but something they all have in common is easier control over the temperature in your home, and eco-friendly home and away modes, energy report checks, updates on the go, and energy saving settings.

Tip #5 Take the cooking outside

If you can’t stand the heat… cook outside! Summer is the perfect time to grill (check out our Grill Master Post for more tips). By bringing the cooking outside, you are limiting the amount of heat in the kitchen. Between boiling pots of water, stove top burners, and ovens, the heat can become pretty unbearable.

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