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What Your Water Heater is Trying to Tell You

August 4, 2022

Your house probably makes a lot of noises. From creaking floors to running dishwashers, there are a lot of sounds to keep track of! One item in your home making noises that you might not recognize, however, is your water heater. Today, we’re going to break down a couple common sounds your water heater might be making and what they mean.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

A popping sound indicates that there is a build-up of sediment or lime scale in your water heater’s tank. The ‘pop’ normally comes from water boiling underneath the sediment. The easiest solution to this sound? Getting your tank drained and flushed. Don’t worry; Godwin can take care of that!


A screeching sound normally points towards some sort of water restriction. This sound has an easy fix: just make sure that the inlet control valve is completely open.

Crackle, crackle, crackle.

Have you ever spilled a little condensation onto one of the burners on your stove? This sound comes from a similar situation. The crackling you’re hearing means that there is condensation on the burner of your gas-powered water heater. Have no fear; this sound is pretty normal and requires no action from you or from us.

Sizzle, sizzle!

A sizzling sound comes from leaking water from your water heater dropping onto its burner. The solution to this problem? Call Godwin! Leaking water wastes energy because it means you’re heating water that goes to waste on your floor. We can take a look at your water heater and let you know if you need to get it replaced.

Still aren’t sure what your water heater is trying to tell you? Call Godwin at 616-243-3131. We speak fluent water heater and can diagnose the problem for you today.


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