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woman warming up in her house with blanket and enjoying time at homewoman warming up in her house with blanket and enjoying time at home
Warm Up Your Holidays Without Turning Up the Heat
Nov 17, 2022
It might not officially be winter yet, but if you’re a Michigander, it sure looks and feels like it. But just because the home heating season is here doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocketbook. Here are some alternative ways to save heat energy in your home for the holidays without cranking up your heating bill.
mom hugging daughter near fireplace during winter time mom hugging daughter near fireplace during winter time
Your Solution to the Dreaded Dry Air
Nov 3, 2022
Combat dry air in your home by installing a humidification and dehumidification system to bring balance to your home air.
filling up reusable water bottlefilling up reusable water bottle
So you just bought a Reverse Osmosis System… now what?
Oct 20, 2022
If you have recently purchased and installed a reverse osmosis system (ROS), congratulations! You’re about to start drinking and using clean water, free from 98% of all contaminants. Now that Godwin Water Treatment has installed your new system, you might be wondering… what do I do now? Don’t worry! We know a thing or two and are ready to share our best tips for maintenance of your new ROS.
Exterior of a house in a fall settingExterior of a house in a fall setting
Steps to Sprucing Up Your Home This Fall
Oct 6, 2022
Get your home ready for fall with these outdoor steps.
Sprinkler system in fallSprinkler system in fall
Winterizing Your Sprinkler System
Sep 22, 2022
Winterizing your home’s sprinkler system may seem like a daunting task that should only be taken on by professionals, but did you know that you may be able to do it yourself with just a few instructions? After just a few hours of work, your sprinkler system will be free of water and ready to survive the winter in no time.
People with socks on cozying up by the fire in a cabin People with socks on cozying up by the fire in a cabin
How to Winterize a Cabin
Sep 8, 2022
Your cabin is both an investment and a source of enjoyment and pride. Taking proper care of it now ensures the property will be ready for when you want to spend time with friends and loved ones or need a little rest and relaxation for yourself.
family relaxing together family relaxing together
Hydronic vs. Forced Air Furnaces… What’s the Difference?
Aug 25, 2022
When it comes to maintaining your home, heating and cooling systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. Different types of furnaces offer different benefits based on their functionality and compatibility with your home. It’s crucial to have and maintain the right system in order to run efficiently and keep your family warm.
Two men working with power toolsTwo men working with power tools
Invest in Your Home with Godwin
Aug 11, 2022
Remodeling is a huge step, one that can completely transform outdated or worn out rooms, giving you a modern space that’s more functional, convenient, and worth showing off to friends and family. But there’s another exciting element that can sometimes go overlooked when it comes to any remodeling project: home value.
Removing Chlorine from your Drinking Water… or your Home’s Entire Water Supply!
Aug 10, 2022
Here in the United States tap water is almost always safe to drink as-is, but filtering your drinking water is a good idea! By running your regular tap water through a water filter you can generate water that is objectively purer than bottled water, removing virtually all the chlorine for better taste as well as cleaner pots and pans.